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Jewellery care

Porcelain jewellery is surprisingly strong, however we do recommend a few precautions so that you continue to enjoy wearing your pieces.

Please avoid dropping the earrings onto hard surfaces, as the fall may weaken or chip the porcelain.

For the longevity of your earrings please avoid wearing them while showering / exercising / bathing & take them out prior to bedtime. This will keep them strong and shining bright. 

Look after your porcelain jewellery when not worn by placing the pieces in a jewellery box or pouch for safe keeping. They have not been made to sustain rough treatment, avoid placing your earrings in your handbag or clothing pockets. This is when they are likely to break as the squashing causes tension on the earring backings and the join.

If you need to glue your earring back together, we recommend using a two-part epoxy such as ‘Araldite – super strength’, this product can be purchased from Bunnings. This resin glue will come in a dispenser which is easy to use, mix the two parts together and dab it onto the surface requiring gluing. The earring will need to be clean to ensure a good bond. Leave the piece to dry for 24 hours.